Partner and History

AGON DIVERSITY grew out of a combination of AGON LEGAL and the Swiss Diversity Association. Michel Rudin, who has built up an extremely large network of diverse contacts in politics and business, with NGOs and public figures through his commitment as CO-President of Pink Cross and his political work - including as a former member of the Bernese Parliament - played a leading role and acted as a link. He founded both the Swiss Diversity Association and, together with Professor Patrick Krauskopf, AGON PUBLIC AFFAIRES AG.

In 2018, the Swiss Diversity Association successfully held the first Swiss Diversity Award Night in the Kursaal Bern. In the years that followed, the association continued to grow and the concept was developed further. Through the Swiss Diversity Business Forum, a factual, economic and scientific basis was established under the colorful and dazzling major event Award Night.

Due to the growing awareness and the expanding network, requests for consulting mandates became more and more numerous. For this reason, the decision was made to found AGON DIVERSITY AG alongside the non-profit association Swiss Diversity. The association deals exclusively with charitable projects, while AGON DIVERSITY AG provides consultancy services for clients.

Through its integration into AGON PARTNERS AG, AGON DIVERSITY can draw on 20 years of experience not only in politics, economics and communication, but also in the areas of business, legal advice, litigation and compliance. This unique combination of expertise, experience and commitment enables us to offer a 360 degree approach to problems and tasks.

As in all AGON divisions, excellence and thoroughness can be guaranteed and the various needs can be met on a professional level.

"Agon" means "competition" in ancient Greek. We believe that competition and innovation are needed to achieve sustainable implementation of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Swiss Diversity Association

Swiss Diversity is a dialog platform with the vision of promoting diversity and inclusion in all its forms. The focus is on the recognition and promotion of equal opportunities for people of different ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, skin colors, social backgrounds, ages, physical and mental conditions and religions.

We create positive and safe spaces to meet, exchange ideas and experience impactful moments together. Change should take place together with organizations and people from diversity, because everyone achieves more together than against each other.

In order to achieve our goals, we have set up various events such as the Award Night, the Business Forum, the Think Tank, the Leaders Club, the Advisory Board and many more. We also launched the Inclusion Certificate for companies, which certifies progress in all areas of D&I. Every year, in collaboration with the ZHAW, we publish a Swiss Diversity Study on the connection between D&I and the competitiveness of Swiss companies.

As the Swiss Diversity Association, we are committed to ensuring that the diversity of Swiss society is recognized and promoted. We are convinced that living diversity and inclusion has a positive impact in all areas of life.